Rockets are now coming into Israel from South Lebanon. It would be fair to assume that this this is a fully coordinated attack on the Jewish State, boosted by renewed American support of Iran and probable, soon-to-be substantial financial aid to the Islamic Regime. Boosted, too, by the propaganda machine that is the big business of the global BDS movement.

Iran is the main patron of Hamas and its cohorts. Thus the United States’ support of Iran, coupled with the billions of dollars in aid which all factions of Palestinian leadership receive globally per annum, is directly funding the open declaration to murder Israelis.

This open declaration to wipe out the Jews of Israel is not new. It is written in the Hamas Charter for all to see.

Senior Hamas Official to Palestinians in Jerusalem: Buy 5-Shekel Knives, Cut Off the Heads of Jews. MEMRI.


The Biden Administration has weakly bleated that ‘Israel has a right to protect itself’. It bleats this ridiculous statement expecting a political pat on the back from its less radical constituents while hoping to maintain an equilibrium with its more radical constituents, as though there was ever a possibility that people would not ‘have the right’ to defend themselves from certain death.

It is as absurd as the argument about having the “right to exist”. I simply do exist. Nobody bestows this right upon me.

The Jewish people need not wait for permission to not be murdered.

Those who openly declare they will murder you, and openly try to do so, must always be believed at face value, as we have sadly seen time and time again.

Within the last hour ground troops were deployed into Gaza as a matter of no choice.

That many world leaders ignore how Israel goes to incredible lengths to avoid any and all civilian casualties, while Hamas literally glorifies martyrs and has a goal to put their own civilians in harm’s way in order to rack up Palestinian death counts, like some sort of psychopathic game, is a stain on the soul of humanity. The ‘leaders’ ignoring this know who they are, and they and their constituents should be deeply ashamed of themselves.

Pandering to the threat, and ignoring the evil lies about Israel and the Jewish people, has led to mobs attempting to lynch visibly Jewish people and kill them in the streets of cities such as London and New York, leaving said “world leaders” with quite a mess on which to get a handle.


If you ask about “Israeli apartheid” and “evictions of Palestinians from their land”, I will tell you that if there was apartheid, there would not be over 300,000 Palestinian people living in Jerusalem from which to evict 8 people who refused to pay rent.

In 2005, Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip to the 1967 Green Line, and removed four Jewish settlements in Samaria. By June 2007, Hamas took over the Gaza Strip from the Palestinian Authority.

I ask the supporters of the #FreePalestine movement who bemoan Jewish people “settling”: why do you support the idea that Palestinian people should be such ethno-fascists that they cannot live next to Jews? I think better of Palestinians than that.

The Palestinian people are hostages of a terror organization, fuelled by the money and outpour of support from howling social justice warriors of the Western world. It is a travesty that the purported supporters of Palestine do not care about the use and abuse of the people. They do not care about the refusal of the Palestinian leadership to accept a Palestinian State.

After all, what would those who have made their entire identity and life’s purpose rest on Palestinian victimhood do, should Palestinians find peace and support and have a State?

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  1. As per usual, the Palestinian propaganda machine is playing a blinder and the world sucks up the poison like a baby suckling on a teat. Israel still trying to keep civilian deaths to a minimum, but nobody cares, as they’re offended at Israeli ability to protect its citizens from deadly attacks! Israel needs to destroy Hamas utterly, anex Gaza and then the Palestinians will realise how much better their lives are, when they’re not being used as human shields!

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