On Friday 18th December, TimesLIVE (sister publication of the Sunday Times), published an article by Suraya Dadoo, entitled “Israel helping African governments to place us all under surveillance”.

From the headline, before even entering into the article, Dadoo’s message that big, bad Israel is somehow trying to control the world, is clear. This is the same regurgitated thousands-of-years-old story, disgorged and fed to an unwitting world.

“The Jews control the media”, “the Jews control Hollywood”, “the Jews are not to be trusted”, “the Jews control economies”, “the Jews steal”… These are all familiar statements; and now Dadoo resurrects “the Jews control governments” and “the Jews abuse people”. The Jews have even “killed gods” and “eaten babies”. The content is irrelevant as it changes according to the times in which the statement is ejected and regorged.

Two Key Points Made by Dadoo’s TimesLIVE article

“Israeli Repression”

The article begins with “Do Africans face a future similar to Palestinians living under Israeli rule, where they will have to fear being tracked by authorities for resisting repression?”

This statement is seen as so axiomatic that neither Dadoo nor any other modern journalist see any need to verify the truth of this. It is the greatest irony of our time, that if the Palestinian people lived under Israeli rule of law, they would be free. They would be free in a democracy, free to be educated, work, dress how they like, date who they like, eat what they like and march in the Gay Pride Parade in Tel Aviv. They would be subjected to the same laws as any other citizen, and treated in the same way.

They would be free of their abusive, repressive leaders in the terror organisation that is Hamas, free of Fatah and of the Palestinian Authority’s constant inflammatory rhetoric and incentivised victimhood.

It is an international tragedy that today, to be “pro-Palestinian” means to be “anti-Israel”. Israelis in general are both pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli. Israel is pro-freedom.

Those who are monitored by Israeli intelligence are monitored because they are terror threats. It is as simple as that. Our neighbourhood uses security cameras to monitor who walks around, as given the crime in South Africa, those wandering around are unfortunately a possible threat.

Israel “implicitly sanctions spying and abuse”

Dadoo’s article continues with various accusations of Israel being complicit in abusive regimes’ targeting of journalists, activists with dissenting opinions and protests, by sanctioning said abuse.

To ‘sanction’ literally means ‘to give official permission for an action’.

Stating that Israel sanctions oppressive regimes’ actions is a defamation of the State of Israel. Ignoring Israel’s statements on the matter and choosing a study done by the Citizen Lab of Munk School, University of Toronto, appears to be the choice to buy into the above axiomatic “Israel is bad” rather than look at fact or reason.

The NSO Group, which the article states is the Israeli technology company sanctioning all the stated abuses, helps government agencies prevent and investigate terrorism and crime, saving thousands of lives around the globe. Suffice it to say that terrorism is a global problem today and it can be fairly assumed that international security information is more involved than what the Munk School publishes.

The NSO Group’s Human Rights Policy may be found here.

Dadoo states: “Millions of Palestinians under Israeli military rule serve as guinea pigs in open-air laboratories for developing new tools for mass surveillance and control” and speaks of the danger of ending up “under cyber-siege just like Hebron, East Jerusalem and Gaza”.

To state that Palestinians serve as “guinea pigs in open-air laboratories” is to use language that conjures nothing short of Nazi-like experiments. This is ‘journalistic’ sleight of hand of the worst sort.

A ‘siege’ is literally a ‘military attack’ used to compel surrender.

It is unclear what “cyber-siege” she speaks of, but I safely assume it is not the information-censorship practices of the Palestinian Authority.


It would be incumbent on all publications, those purporting to be journalists or peace activists, and certainly on governments, to do the due diligence required to not be a cog in the age-old libel against the Jewish people.

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  1. Well written. Blood libels against the Jews still exist today. It’s very unfortunate that the international community allows incitement and propoganda against the Jewish state in the news channels and high education institutions. History repeats itself

  2. Saruya Dadoo? What a load of doodoo!
    Another anti semite telling lies! Fortunately, we now have Emiratis and Bahrainis walking around, experiencing the real Israel, one that’s free and a democracy where everyone is equal!

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