Pikitup the waste management company of the City of Johannesburg, Pikitup provides a free bulky waste service to collect unwanted waste from households.

The type of waste that can be collected directly from households through this service are for example old mattresses, old furniture, disused or old fridges and other electronic and non-electronic items.

This service has been introduced with the main objective of trying to deal with illegal dumping which is an eye sore and an environmental problem in all the seven regions of the City. The aim of this service is also to divert recyclable waste away from landfill sites thus increasing the lifespan of landfill sites.

Residents who want to dispose of bulky waste from their households are urged to contact their nearest Pikitup depots or use the nearest garden sites in their proximity. Once a resident has logged a call at any of Pikitup’s depot, the responsible depot manager will book a call and arrange for the free-once a month bulky waste service to collect such waste.

To book a free bulky waste service, residents can contact the following depots:

Avalon Depot – 087 357 1288

Central Camp Depot – 087 357 1609

Norwood Depot – 087 357 1400

Marlboro Depot -087 357 1545

Midrand Depot – 087 357 1378

Randburg Depot – 087 357 1327

Roodepoort Depot – 087 357 1564

Selby Depot – 087 357 1938

Southdale Depot – 087 357 1261

Waterval Depot 087 357 1490

Zondi Depot – 087 357 1340

Orange Farm – 087 357 8180

Alternatively, residents can also use the following number to request the service: The City of Johannesburg Call Centre number: 011 375 5555 or 086 0562874 and press option 4 for Pikitup or 087 357 1068 or 010 055 5990.   

Pikitup urges all residents in the City to use the service and to become active participants in preserving and protecting the environment by applying the basic principles: Reduce, Re-use and Recycle when disposing waste. 

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