The Democratic Alliance Shadow Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture, Tsepo Mhlongo MP, released a statement today calling on the Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture, Nathi Mthethwa to reopen sporting events and arts and cultural events to full capacity.

Mr Mhlongo stated that the arts and culture industry in particular has been destroyed by the pandemic and added that many artists have lost their sole source of income during this time, and that artists and athletes alike having received little to no support from the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture.

“As other industries are returning to some form of normalcy, the sports and arts sectors are still hindered by tight and irrational lockdown regulations” stated Mr Mhlongo.

“The DA urges the Minister to fully open up the arts and cultural sector so that artists can return to the stage, practice their craft, and provide for their families. We also advocate for the return of fans to stadiums, since this will help to revitalize the industry by allowing athletes to practise their discipline in front of fans for the first time in years.

We must strike a balance in our reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic, ensuring that while protecting lives is our first concern, we do everything we can to protect livelihoods.”

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