On Thursday, the City of Tshwane welcomed a specialist delegation of Israeli water experts to South Africa, supporting the improvement of waste water management in Tshwane.

South Africa has long since had serious water management problems, including sewerage entering water systems and water outages often leaving communities with dry taps.

Rooiwal waste water treatment works. Courtesy: JNF SA.

Israeli academics arrived in South Africa and will consult with the Tshwane Mayor’s Office, regarding the crucial issues affecting the waste water infrastructure. The Mayor’s Office is eager to learn from the expertise.

“Following from a previous meeting held between the Jewish National Fund of South Africa (JNF SA) and the Israeli Ambassador to South Africa, HE Eli Belotsercovsky, the City of Tshwane is pleased to be partnering with them on a solutions-based initiative. The JNF SA is funding this expert delegation” says Tshwane Executive Mayor Alderman Randall Williams.

The Executive Mayor stated that this delegation offers an important opportunity for South Africa and Israel to work together to help solve important issues. Israel is a world leader in water management, and despite its geographic location Israel has an abundance of water and supplies water and water technology to many countries.

The team will conduct site visits with city officials. The visits will culminate in recommendations to improve the capital city’s water management.

Israeli water experts visit the Rooiwal waste treatment works. Courtesy: JNF SA.

The visit includes academics such as Dr Clive Lipchin, who currently serves as Director of the Israeli Arava Institute for Environmental Studies Centre for Transboundary Water Management. Dr Lipchin is an expert in waste water management and has worked globally with institutions, such as the International Monetary Fund, and with Jordanian and Palestinian water treatment teams.

Israeli experts learning about the City of Tshwane water infrastructure from city officials. Courtesy: JNF SA.

“The City of Tshwane looks forward to the delegation’s findings. As a municipality we are committed to using leading international expertise to improve the lives of our residents” says the Executive Mayor.

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