The Hawks Serious Corruption Investigation team have arrested a director of the Mtititi Drop in Center in Limpopo, after former workers accused their employer of claiming COVID-19 relief funds from the government but not paying them.

The over 240 former workers of the Extended Public Works Program (EPWP) alleged that their employer claimed COVID-19 social relief funds from the UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund) and pocketed the money.

From April to August 2020, R3.2 million was allegedly pocketed by the director. During the investigation it was found that the workers’ contracts were terminated before the President announced the country’s lockdown. 

On Monday, the suspect will appear in the Malamulele Magistrate’s Court, facing fraud charges.

Fraud practices, such as in this case, have left countless South Africans without means to support themselves and their families. South Africans are said to be hopeful, after this arrest, that more fraud and corruption will be brought to light and rectified.

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