The DA calls on the ANC national government to condemn the ongoing Russian aggression towards the Ukraine. Any refusal or silence by the national government is a condonement of Russia’s actions.

We also call on the Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Naledi Pandor, to speak out against Russia’s aggression in BRICS.

While, the Minister made quick mention of the situation, it is unfortunate that other than her, there seems to be little appetite within the ranks of the ANC government to address the rising threat of violence at the Russian/Ukraine borders.

The current situation between the neighbouring countries have been escalating since 2014, and are creating precedents of sovereign countries determining the borders of other sovereign countries. It is also creating a precedent of a country being able to object to the membership of another country to a body such as NATO even when the opposing country is not a member of said body. This could also have major consequences for African countries.

The problem with us comfortably hiding between the Minsk 1 and 2 agreement is that history has shown us that Russia will apply its own interpretation to the translation of those agreements after the fact. This does not bode well for world peace.

South Africa must tread these diplomatic waters carefully and cannot hide behind the ANC’s heavy handed historic blind loyalty.

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Darren Bergman MP

DA Shadow Minister of International Relations and Cooperation

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