Scenes of violence during the recent riots in KZN. Source: screenshot.
Scenes of violence during the recent riots in KZN. Source: screenshot.

The Democratic Alliance in KZN condemns the continued fuelling of racial tensions by ANC and EFF leaders toward the Indian community in the province.

The DA also condemns any alleged racial vigilantism that may have taken place during the recent period of anarchy, which resulted in the loss of lives.

The DA is clear that where crimes have been committed, the law must take its course expeditiously to avoid any further conflict in these communities. We call on all citizens to allow law enforcement to investigate these matters. We send condolences to all those that may have lost loved ones during this time

The fueling of racial intolerance by the ANC and EFF is evident in the persistent pushing of a narrative that a massacre took place in a Phoenix during the week of looting. This has been pushed relentlessly online through the hashtag #PhoenixMassacre.

A quick look through social media platforms will reveal that many of these Twitter and Facebook accounts are linked to the ANC and EFF.

The EFF leader, Julius Malema, has himself over recent days pushed  #PhoenixMassacre by retweeting anti-Indian tweets under the hashtag.

Just yesterday in a radio interview, Malema threatened to take the law into his own hands if “Indian thugs” are not brought to book. This of course is nothing other than a dog whistle against Indians in KZN.

Police Minister Bheki Cele has also contributed to escalating the problem by claiming that there is racism by Indians towards black South Africans in a generalised, broad sweeping statement.

Under no circumstances will we allow ANC and EFF leaders to scapegoat the Indian community to shield the government of its failures to prevent and contain the looting, and drive its quest for division and hatred.

Now is the time to rebuild KZN and come together. We call on all residents of the province to reject the tactics of the ANC and EFF aimed towards the Indian community of KZN.

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Dean Macpherson MP is the Democratic Alliance KZN Chairperson

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