As if loadshedding that fluctuates between stage 4 and stage 6 is not of sufficient concern and impact on South Africans, Eskom is now implementing additional rotational loadshedding to penalize non-paying municipalities. This means that ordinary households and businesses in the run-up to Christmas and New Year are having to operate with extended periods of blackouts – at considerable extra cost and inconvenience.

This additional rotational loadshedding schedule is implemented on a geographical basis and also affects customers directly supplied by Eskom, even those who are up to date with their accounts. This is being implemented despite a court ruling that paying customers cannot be prejudiced by inter-governmental disputes between Eskom and non-paying municipalities.

The DA has contacted Eskom for clarity on the matter but has received no response. In many areas water pumps, dependent on electricity to feed reservoirs are negatively impacted resulting in many places having no water for weeks.

The question is twofold: why is the exact nature of the problem and the measures being taken by Eskom not communicated to the nation and why are government ministers enjoying a brightly-lit festive season while South Africans who dutifully pay for electricity being excessively loadshed to the point of virtual darkness accompanied by the breakdown of other essential services dependent on power to operate?

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Ghaleb Cachalia MP

Ghaleb Cachalia MP is the DA Shadow Minister of Public Enterprises.

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