Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo has summoned former president Jacob Zuma to appear before the State Capture Commission in November. He is summoned under section 3, (subsection 1, subsection 2) of the Commissions Act of 1947. “I’m satisfied that a proper case has been made out…” Justice Zondo said as part of his statement.

Jacob Zuma’s lawyers have previously requested that Justice Zondo recuse himself due to Zuma’s allegation of the Justice having a bias against the former president. After this morning’s summons Jacob Zuma’s lawyers again reiterated their position that the Justice recuse himself and that it be resolved.

Last month, Zuma failed to appear before the Commission, with the explanation that he was preparing for his upcoming criminal case. This explanation was deemed by the Commission as insufficient reason to not appear to testify.

Jacob Zuma’s supporters took to the streets today and marched in support of the former president.

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