(JNS) International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) director Rafael Grossi told the Austrian daily Die Presse on Saturday that Iran still lacks enough enriched uranium to produce a nuclear bomb.

This, said Grossi, is in spite of the fact that “the Iranians continue to enrich uranium, and to a much higher degree than they have committed themselves to. And this amount is growing by the month,” according to Reuters.

Regarding how long it would take for Tehran to produce a nuclear weapon, Grossi said, “In the IAEA we do not talk about breakout time. We look at the significant quantity, the minimum amount of enriched uranium or plutonium needed to make an atomic bomb. Iran does not have this significant quantity at the moment.”

Meanwhile, Reuters reported, the Iranian rial fell to a new low against the dollar on Saturday, as its economy struggles under the Coronavirus and new U.S. sanctions.

The dollar was selling for 304,300 rials on the unofficial market, according to the foreign-exchange site Bonbast.com.

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