(JNS) The Israeli Air Force struck four Hamas targets on Saturday, in response to a rocket attack from Gaza on southern Israel on Friday night.

The rocket, which was intercepted by the IDF Aerial Defense Array, set off warning sirens in Ashkelon and nearby areas, the IDF said in a statement. In response, the IAF targeted a weapons manufacturing site located inside a Hamas military post, as well as three military posts belonging to Hamas in Gaza, the IDF said.

“The IDF holds the Hamas terrorist organization responsible for all terror activity emanating from the Gaza Strip,” it added.

It released footage of one of Hamas’s border posts in northern Gaza being hit with an air-to-ground munition.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett addressed the incident in his opening remarks to Sunday’s Cabinet meeting.

“On Friday night we attacked and destroyed weapons manufacturing facilities and several other Hamas targets in Gaza. This is the response to the firing of a single rocket from the Gaza Strip which was intercepted by Iron Dome,” he said.

“Unlike in the past we no longer make excuses for the terrorists, neither are we defining them as breakaway factions or electrical mishaps. As far as we are concerned, Hamas is the address,” he added.

On June 9, gunfire from the Gaza Strip lightly injured a foreign worker in an agricultural area adjacent to the Israeli village of Netiv HaAsara, which is located close to the northern border with the Palestinian enclave.

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