The South African Municipal Workers Union (SAMWU) and the Independent Municipal & Allied Trade Union (IMATU) are the recognized labour unions at Metrobus. These unions confirmed that none of their members are on strike and that they are ready to resume work when it is safe to do so.

The members of the Democratic Municipal Workers Union of South Africa (DEMAWUSA) however, are withholding their labour. These labourers are apparently a very small percentage of the workers, however the threat of violence is too big for Metrobus to confidently protect the rest of the workers. In light of previous strikes which ended in violence, injuries and death, Metrobus has suspended operations. As it stands now, operations are suspended for the week.

Metrobus Johannesburg issued the following statement

“Despite efforts by Metrobus management, the industrial action by employees under the burner of the Democratic Municipal Workers Union of South Africa (DEMAWUSA) has not stopped. Management has met with the union and stated its position, which is in accordance with the principles of orderly collective bargaining as outlined in Labour Relations legislation.

Management must commend the majority of employees (98.6%) who have faithfully presented themselves for duty since the commencement of the strike. However, due to ongoing threats of violence, these employees are not able to render services to the citizens of Johannesburg. This is also in view of the unfortunate history of violence that has marred industrial action at Metrobus in the past leading to the unfortunate loss of life and injury. Although only a handful of employees are withholding their labour in support of the strike, the nature of our operations are such that normal operations cannot resume without exposing employees to danger.

The recognized labour unions at Metrobus, being SAMWU and IMATU have confirmed that none of their members are on strike and that they stand ready to resume normal operations as soon as it is safe to do so. The leadership of these two formations must be thanked for their efforts in ensuring that their members remain ready to serve the citizens of Johannesburg.

In view of the current situation, management apologises to all commuters for the ongoing hardship and inconvenience that our commuters are currently experiencing. We are utilizing all avenues available to us to bring this industrial action to a stop to allow normal operations to resume.

We encourage our commuters to make alternative travelling arrangements for the week commencing on 10 May 2021. Metrobus remains committed to ensuring safe, reliable transport to our commuters as soon as it is safe and practical to do so.”

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