During yesterday’s debate on the President’s State of the Nation Address (SONA), Justice Minister Ronald Lamola defended cadre deployment.

According to Democratic Alliance (DA) Shadow Minister for Public Service and Administration, Dr Leon Schreiber MP, in response to the DA’s speakers exposing ANC cadre deployment as the root of corruption, state capture and collapsing service delivery, Minister Lamola made the claim that “cadre deployment works.”

Minister Lamola said this even though Dr Schreiber had quoted directly from the State Capture Commission, which found the practice to be unlawful, and from the Framework for the Professionalisation of the Public Sector, which says cadre deployment must be “ditched.”

Dr Leon Schrieber stated “From the ANC’s perspective, Lamola probably does believe that cadre deployment “works” – because the ANC’s intention has always been to use this system for corruption rather than service delivery. Cadre deployment has certainly succeeded in corrupting our state and ensuring that the ANC captures control of “all levers of power,” to the detriment of all 60 million people of this country.”

Dr Schrieber added that the ANC are in for a shock as not only has South African society united behind the DA in their quest to abolish cadre deployment, but the DA are systematically winning the war against cadre deployment corruption.

Dr Schrieber added that the Zondo Commission confirmed the DA’s stance that this practice is unlawful, that they won their court case forcing the ANC to make public all cadre records, and that they are going to win their other court challenge to declare this system unconstitutional. “And in 2024 the DA is going to replace the ANC as governing party so that we can abolish cadre deployment from the face of this country” he said.

Dr Schrieber stated, in no uncertain terms, that is does not matter what any ANC member says or thinks about cadre deployment, as the DA is busy dismantling this system.

He added that in 2024, the DA would lead a new government that ensures merit-based appointments and honest good government that serves the people, and “not the corrupt ANC.”

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  1. Ronald is correct: “cadre deployment works”. Works for the ANC, the nomenklatura and the corrupt.

    Schreiber is silly to use “what’s good for South Africa” as a benchmark for Corruptheid.

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