The South African President and Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture have been sued following the government’s withdrawal of support for Miss South Africa, given the organisations’ plan compete in the Miss Universe pageant in Eilat, Israel in December of this year.

One of the points of the letter demand the government make “…an apology to the citizens of South Africa for the unconstitutional interference with the rights of its citizens, including but not limited that of Miss South Africa, by the government of the Republic of South Africa acknowledging it has unconstitutionally exceeded the bounds of its governing authority.”


The below letter was sent on 22 November. There was no response by 16:00 on 24 November. Full filing went to the high court thereafter.

The government of South Africa has until 16:00 today to respond to the full filing, failing which the motion falls in favour of the applicant.

Court date is set for 7 December.

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