Following the violent riots and civil unrest which took place last week, National Assembly House Chairperson, Cedric Frolick, confirmed that Parliament plans to start an official inquiry into the matter.

South Africans were duly astonished at the lack of preparedness and response by the government and intelligence services in the country. The factions within the ANC and countrywide who support the destruction of property and looting, which undoubtedly can only negatively affect the entire country’s citizens and the economy, have left ordinary South Africans with little faith in the country’s leadership.

Chief Whip of the Official Opposition, Natasha Mazzone MP, made the following statement

‘The DA welcomes comments by National Assembly House Chairperson, Cedric Frolick, that Parliament pursue an inquiry into the insurrection which took place last week in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.

This probe will, however, not hold any legitimacy if President Cyril Ramaphosa is not called to testify before the inquiry. In fact, Ramaphosa must be the first person called to testify to account for his Cabinet’s utter failure to respond adequately to the insurrection.

South Africans have seen many inquiries over the years and have became inquiry-fatigued. The public will, therefore, not accept anything less than full, open and honest transparency especially from the ANC government.

The DA calls on Parliament to ensure that the inquiry:

  • Call on President Ramaphosa to appear and account for his and his Cabinet’s poor showing during the insurrection.
  • All Ministers of the security cluster must testify before the inquiry, including the entities responsible for crime intelligence.
  • Strict, clear terms of reference should be drawn up to guide the proceedings of the inquiry.
  • A clear commitment by all political parties that they will work towards true accountability and that the inquiry won’t simply be an attempt to whitewash what happened or exonerate anyone.

The violence and looting which took place in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng last week was unprecedented and a watershed moment in our nation’s 27 year old democracy.

The inquiry can, therefore, not be a tick-box exercise. It must be thorough and transparent with the eye on producing recommendations which will strengthen our State institutions and prevent the country from ever having to witness this level of carnage and destruction again.’

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