Residents in areas of Cape Town experienced two seismic events over the weekend. The first, at 20:51 on Saturday evening the 26th September 2020, was confirmed to be an earthquake by the South African Council for Geoscience (CGS). It measured 2.5 on the local magnitude scale and was recorded by the South African seismograph network. At first glance, this activity appeared independent from a seismic event that happened earlier on Saturday 1600km off the cost of Southern Africa which measured 6.2 on the richter scale.

Capetonians woke up on Sunday morning to another event, this time an earth tremor, whose epicentre was around 5-6 kilometres north of Durbanville, which measured 2.3 on the magnitude scale. According to the CGS, this tremor could be related to the previous night’s event.

The CGS urged residents not to panic and said that there were no eminent threats to the Cape Town area.

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