The Special Investigating Unit (SIU) has revealed during a presentation to the portfolio on trade, industry and competition that approximately R1.4 Billion of funding meant for grannies, the marginalised and sick was allegedly looted by former National Lotteries Commission (NLC) board members and senior officials.

According to the SIU, the investigation comprises of three phases with the first phase having been completed already. The total value of the investigations per phase is:

  • Phase 1 – R279 710 409
  • Phase 2 – R246 659 310
  • Phase 3 – R905 901 910 .04

The SIU indicated that it has also referred evidence implicating thirteen individuals to the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) for possible prosecution.

We call on the NPA to ensure that they process this evidence speedily and begin the process to prosecute these individuals.

The SIU has done an outstanding job in uncovering the industrial-scale looting at the NLC but it would be a travesty of justice if the NPA doesn’t pursue criminal prosecution.

While Minister Ebrahim Patel and his African National Congress (ANC) colleagues may praise the work of the SIU and journalists such as Raymond Joseph and Anton Van Zyl in uncovering the rot but the fact is the ANC was the root cause of the corruption that took place at the entity.

They were the same individuals who shielded former board members from scrutiny.

They were the same individuals who chastised the opposition and the media for exposing corruption and maladministration and;

It was members of the ANC who allegedly used the NLC as their personal piggy bank at the expense of the most vulnerable in society.

The grotesque use of funding on luxury cars and homes, which was actually intended for old-age homes, drug rehabilitation centres and youth upliftment centres, just shows how twisted these individuals are.
The next time the ANC tells you are they pro-poor, do yourself a favour and don’t believe them.

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Mat Cuthbert MP

Mat Cuthbert MP is the DA Shadow Deputy Minister of Trade, Industry and Competition.

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