With just 40 hours until the June 2022 fuel price changes, the ANC government is yet to announce the exact price consumers will be forced to pay at the pumps from midnight on Tuesday.

No doubt the ANC government is fearful of the growing backlash which is already building against this fuel price hike. And with growing realization of the exorbitant 33% tax rate on fuel, imposed by the ANC government, South Africans are right to be outraged and pushing back against any further price hikes.

Without the announcement of the June fuel price hike having yet been made, the DA repeats our demands to the ANC government to end the exorbitant taxes on fuel and show some care to the people of South Africa by:

  1. Extending the temporary relief on the fuel levy, currently R1.50 per litre;
  2. Better still, scraping the fuel levy entirely, saving R3.93 per litre;
  3. Allowing drivers out of the unnecessary R2.18 Road Accident levy; and
  4. Deregulating the fuel price immediately, so that competition can drive down prices.

In just 6 days almost 70 000 South Africans have signed the DA letter to the Ministers of Energy and Finance, backing the DA demand to slash fuel prices.

Now, as the country awaits the June fuel price announcement the ANC government finds itself facing a most critical and serious test: Will it show care, or will it continue to tax South Africans into poverty?

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Kevin Mileham MP

Kevin Mileham MP is the Democratic Alliance (DA) Shadow Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy.

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