On Sunday 21 November, a young 25 year old South African man was murdered abroad. His untimely and tragic death sent a wave of grief throughout world, and particularly in South Africa where many in the Jewish community knew him and know his family.

If a citizen of a country is killed abroad, it makes a mark on that country and its leadership usually makes a statement, as it should, of course… but not in this instance. When the late former KZN rugby player Lindani Myeni was killed by police in Hawaii in April of this year, the ANC, PAC and EFF sent their condolences and called for the South African government to officially intervene, while frantic accusations of racism abounded. However, the story suspiciously quietened soon after. Perhaps the police body-cam footage and Myeni’s alleged “strange behaviour” as was described by witnesses, no longer fitted for the making of a political exclamation about his skin colour. It is unclear.

Eliyahu David Kay was just shy of 26. He was a tour guide. He was gunned down by a terrorist in Jerusalem while on his way to pray. He has been described by his loved ones, fiancé and friends as a kind, genuinely good person who was generous and loving to all who knew him. He leaves behind a devastated family, fiancé and community.

It is not only the South African government’s silence-as-a-response to this tragedy which is, frankly, eerie. It is the open celebration of his murder, and glorification of his murderer, by all who support the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, that should concern all good, rational people. This celebratory happiness comes not only from the ill fringes of society, but from prominent voices. It can only be deduced that this is possible because the murder victim is a white, Jewish man.

Justification and glorification of murder

“We cannot mourn the death of a white, racist, South African mercenary…” say the infamous Africa4Palestine organisation.

Of course they reject the truth that the IDF operates in defence of Israeli citizens of all faiths, supports Palestinian civilians and does all it possibly can to minimise any and all casualties. It is probably worth noting, that if Israel was committing this alleged ongoing genocide, the Palestinian population would not have grown from around 650,000 in 1948 to over 5.2 million now. That would be a dismal failure by Israeli standards.

They reject the truth that the Palestinian Authority could have had a Palestinian State multiple times, in fact they could do so any time they like. The tragic thing is that supporting Hamas and corrupt Palestinian leadership, and thereby supporting the eradication of the Jewish people, makes peace and a Palestinian State impossible.

Eli Kay’s death has been hailed by the BDS movement and their supporters as a ‘win’ for the Palestinian cause.

Hamas supporters in Gaza paraded in a march celebrating the murder.

They also handed out sweets in the streets as part of this twisted celebration.

The shooter has been raised up as a hero, and presented as a “loving husband and father” and a teacher; basically as a good, nice member of society, who carried out ‘shooting operation’…

Media Review Network’s post describing Hamas shooter Fadi Abu Shukhedem

But here he is – the murderer. This is the society and culture which exalts death, exalts murder-as-a-virtue, and churns out many who endeavor to follow in his footsteps.

Sheikh Fadi Abu Shkhaydam: Jewish, Christian “Masters of Heresy” Among Today’s Leaders of Injustice; COURTESY: MEMRI

Some BDS leaders and supporters in this country have had the unimaginable gall to use pictures of Eli Kay, to use his death, to ask the South African government to disallow people to serve in foreign armies stating that “apartheid kills people”. So in other words – an imaginary apartheid killed him. Not a twisted, brainwashed, evil sociopath.

Murder in the first

Those celebrating the tragic murder as a “win against apartheid”, miss the absolute basic requirement to have any sense of humanity: empathy.

Putting aside, for a moment, the very lucrative industry of vilifying lies against Israel, consider this: the Chinese government is hardly a beacon of human rights, to put it euphemistically, particularly when it comes to their Muslim population, by the way. Can we go around shooting Chinese people? “One down X to go until all the Uyghurs are free”?

Deprecating David Kay and describing him as a “white, colonial settler”, is nothing short of saying “he asked for it” by existing. This loathsome speech and behaviour is evil. There is no other word for this.

It would be incumbent on those touting the idea that Jewish people are “white colonialists” to bear in mind that Jews come in all colours, Judea is where Jews come from, and Arab colonies in fact colonized the area, as they did much of Africa. Decolonization would mean giving it back to the Jewish people. Israelis are not demanding this. They just want to live there.

What does “peace” mean to supporters of the Palestinian cause?

In the greatest irony of all time, Jewish Israelis are quite happy to share living space with those of other faiths, as is evidenced by Israel’s mixed population.

The ‘Palestinian cause’ cohort, apparently would love to see Palestinian people living only amongst other Palestinian people. The blind supporters of this cohort, who jump on this bandwagon thinking they are supporting victims and fighting some oppressor or another, unknowingly appear to think so little of Palestinian people, that they support the notion that they are such ethno-fascists that they cannot live among Jews.

The old “Israeli-apartheid” lie is more than a little washed-out. Free thinking Arab countries are even sick and tired of hearing the demands and screeches of victimhood from the ‘Palestinian cause’ cohort.

South Africans who don’t have a stake in the matter either way are sick and tired of the South African government’s failure to deliver the basics, and so are not interested in the screechy demands from the South African ‘Palestinian cause’ cohort.

Palestinians attempting to speak out against their terrorist leadership (and mostly failing to do so because they are simply not allowed to out their abusers, and therefore are often simply arrested or killed) are sick and tired of the world’s ‘Palestinian cause’ cohort strengthening their abusers’ power, especially financially.

We are all sick and tired of the vile lie, and we are particularly alarmed by the open embrace of evil. This is especially visible in the coddling done by the political far left, and we are sick and tired of seeing that, too.

Societal mental illness and embrace of evil is not to be accepted.

May Eliyahu David Kay rest in peace, may his family and loved ones find comfort, and may his memory be a blessing.

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