The coverage of the latest operation in Gaza was, as usual, biased and inaccurate. While Hamas committed a double war crime – firing from areas of civilian population inside Gaza, into areas of civilian population in Israel, the world condemned Israel. Israel – the country which telephone-called people in Gaza and informed them that they had to evacuate before the IDF struck the buildings from which Israel received attacks.

The New York Times published photos of victims in Gaza, but forgot to mention a few things: First, some of the photos were simply not from the recent conflict. Second, many of the “victims” were terrorists killed during this operation while fighting against Israel, and third, and most importantly – some of the victims are the result of Hamas rockets that misfired and fell in Gaza. Yes, you read this correctly. Hamas, a terrorist organization that seeks to murder Jews wherever they are, and holds Gaza’s Arab residents hostage, fired missiles at innocent civilians in Israel, but some of the missiles fell inside Gaza and killed innocent Arabs in Gaza. For pure anti-Israel sentiment, the world attributes the result of this activity to Israel.

For some people, the weak are always right and the strong are always wrong. This is deemed true even when it goes against any rule of international law, basic morality, or minimal logic. After all, if Israel was as terrible as they try to describe it, there would be no conflict. Israel could flatten Gaza if it wanted to. The essential difference between Israel and Hamas is that Israel does everything in its power not to harm innocent civilians, while Hamas does everything in its power to harm innocent people. Every innocent person, whether Israeli or Gazan, who was killed in a military operation is a terrible tragedy that must be avoided. However, the fact that Israel fired 1,000 missiles at Gaza and there were only 60 casualties shows one of the most successful achievements in the history of modern warfare. In every other place in the world the amount of collateral damage would have been significantly higher. It is even more surprising that while Israel receives so much condemnation, there seems to be deafening silence over Hamas’s murderous actions.

Israelis will never accept the demand to allow more blood of their citizens to be shed in order to receive support from the world. This is an illegal and immoral demand and the outrageous media coverage over the actual reality on the ground is a proof that unfortunately very little has changed since Jews said “never again”. The one thing that has changed, is that today when people try to murder Jews, they have a country to defend them. 

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Ran Bar-Yoshafat

Attorney Ran Bar-Yoshafat is an expert in public diplomacy, an international lecturer, and the author of the book "I flew to talk about Israel".

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  1. A great analysis. Unfortunately, Israeli PR does not seem up to the task of counteracting these distorted narratives: admittedly difficult when the world is so ready to accept the lies.

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