The recent escalations in Jerusalem has garnered global attention and every ‘celebrity’ and ‘influencer’ are sharing memes to tell you “what’s really happening”. I used to be vehemently anti-Israel and I’ve seen first hand the bias against Israel, the skewed reporting in the media.

The killing of any innocents, Jewish, Arab or anyone, is awful and horrific. I take no joy or celebration in this at all. This is not a football game where we cheer for one side and hate the other. I, like many, just want to see peace. I don’t support anything blindly, I don’t engage in cheerleading. As much as I love both the United States and Canada, for example, I see the faults of both.

What I have found sickening are the blatant lies and falsifications being peddled in memes and all over social and conventional media, and the vile antisemitism that my friends are dealing with on social media when highlighting that Israelis are having to run for shelter from missiles.

These events don’t happen in a vacuum. Listen to the preaching that has been happening during Ramadan, what is being broadcast on Palestinian media, and how schools are named after terrorists who have murdered Israeli women and children. This has happened for decades!

When Taylor Force an American West Point graduate was murdered by a Palestinian terrorist in Tel Aviv, Israel, the Palestinian government paid his murderer a salary as a ‘reward’. So while Israel is dealing with rocket attacks, over 600 so far, Israel goes to great lengths to avoid civilians casualties, while Hamas hides rockets in schools and kindergartens.

Regarding these stupid #SaveGaza hashtags: Israel left Gaza and it was taken over by the terrorist group Hamas. They decided to fire rockets at Israel in the last few days. Israel has the military ability to crush Gaza, yet instead it chooses to spend $40k to intercept rockets to protect its civilians. I don’t want to see war and killing ever, but I must say this – I unequivocally stand with Israel and support its obligation to defend its citizens against terror.

No country should have to be restrained as rockets rain down on its cities, yet Israel shows incredible restraint, while activists in the West support the annihilation of the world’s only Jewish state and stand shoulder to shoulder with terror enablers. These people don’t care about the Palestinian people, to the contrary they support the very terrorist groups who oppress the Palestinian people.

I can’t remain silent when once again Israel is being demonized for defending itself. If anyone has any questions please comment below, we are open to discuss any of this. But please don’t get sucked in to some of the non-factual information that is doing the rounds as usual.

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Kasim Hafeez is a British citizen of Pakistani Muslim heritage who grew up being exposed to radical anti-Western, anti-Semitic, and anti-Israel ideas daily. During his teenage years, Kasim embraced a radical...

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