We owe the Chief Justice an apology for trampling on his constitutional right to freedom of expression and speech. The pressure he has endured, to not express his Christianity in the way he sees fit, goes against his constitutional rights. Those of us who witnessed his oath of office know that he is an unapologetic Christian. 

Those concerned about the Chief Justice’s stance in supporting Israel are not truthful and honest. The section of the Christian population who are driven by being politically correct and pleasing the Palestinians missed the core of our constitution on freedom of speech. Chief Justice Mogoeng did not wilfully and negligently betray his oath of office as some would like us to believe. He is a human being before a Justice, and he enjoys the constitutional rights to freedom of religion, speech and association, as enshrined in our constitution. He subscribes to the Christian faith, which has a very close relationship with, and is founded on, the Jewish faith. Christianity is heavily dependent on the books of the Jewish faith, and it’s not uncommon that those with a deeper understanding of it, understand the importance of the Jewish State and its existence.

The Jewish community continues to be persecuted through the media and politics, yet they only have one state in the whole world. Those who are fighting the existence of the Jewish State, are intolerant of other faiths. Is it be possible for a Christian to visit every and any Arab country with a Bible and freely practice Christianity? We all know the answer to this. In Israel, Muslims, Christians and others are permitted to freely practice their beliefs and this is never mentioned when Israel is labelled an apartheid state, and when Jews are labelled racists. When the Israelites defend their ancestral territory, it is those who claim to fight for that land that often bash Israel. Was the Chief Justice wrong to support Israel, which happens to be the birth place of his religious beliefs? Why should he curse the country that carries the umbilical cord of his faith?

Why should the story of the children of Israel not be heard?
Why should the children of God continue to be persecuted for political expediency?
Shouldn’t the land of the Israel be restored fully to its rightful owners?
The Palestinians, who are Islamic in majority, know who the rightful owners of that land are and how they settled in it. 

The Chief Justice understands that Israel boasts an avant-garde knowledge in agriculture, water desalination, technology and superior education from which many of our people can benefit. Those who are making a case against the Chief Justice need to carefully read our constitution and understand that no section of it prevents us, as citizens, to have freedom of speech.

Why are the supporters of the Palestinian narrative shutting people down and allowing discourse by only those who support them? We mute voices that matter to appease BDS, which seeks to render Israel dysfunctional by promoting disinvestment in Israel. Shall we call this country a democracy when people like the Chief Justice are muted? Israel is unfortunately the only democratic country in the Middle East and everyone is well aware of it. Those who seek to destroy it are despots and dictators that trample on human rights. 

If we want to speak of human rights abuses, can we begin with all the Arab states. How many are democracies and adhere to universal principles of human rights? How many young girls’ virginity is taken away by wayward and barbaric extremism in those countries?How many people who seek to advance an ideal of Freedom, are executed? 

Should Israel stand idly by and allow the Jewish race to be eliminated for political correctness? The dissolution and destruction of Israel is the beginning of the end of the Christian faith and its core foundation. 

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