A recent report by the World Zionist Organization (WZO) and the Jewish Agency showed that 2021 was the most antisemitic year in the last decade, with around 10 antisemitic incidents happening every single day. The real daily number of incidences / attacks is likely far higher given how many go unreported.

We have seen obvious evidence of this, with the hostage-taking at the Texas synagogue, beatings and attacks on Jews in public streets (such as the recent attack in New York City on a young man wearing an IDF sweatshirt and the attack on Jewish teenagers celebrating Channukah in London), the vandalizing of Jewish cemeteries & institutions, just last night yet another attack on Jewish people of Stamford Hill, London UK (where the assailant not only beat people up but apparently spat on them with open disdain), the Boston professor who made a Nazi salute in his class, and today, of all days, a protest outside the Israel Trade Office in Johannesburg where the protestors demanded that Israel and businesses connected to Israel / Zionists “get out of Africa”. Eerie words were chanted there… The list is unfortunately never-ending.

This is not new, however as a nation we know when it brews and expands. We feel it as sure as we feel the wind pick up. The justice-mongering left-wing world – through its propaganda arms of media, government, elitist Big Tech “peace-keepers” and cohorts – gaslights us and without any hint of sentience says “No no no, no anti-Jew sentiment was had…. Nothing to see here….”, while the ilk of Sarsour and Squad and such ‘leadership’ have the unabashed gall to speak about their “Jewish brothers and sisters” and spout “Never Again” at every opportunity, giving them a perfect method to eradicate all suspicion of what they are.

People literally attack the Jewish people, beating them, spitting on them, wishing them dead, while simultaneously believing themselves to be victims of the Jewish people, and they see no irony at all.

Although it is nothing new, it is for sure more callous and malevolent. That it is so brazen and unhidden should concern every human being on the planet, anyone wanting any sort of liberty in their lives.

Those of us who know Jew-hatred know that a darkness is looming.

So, what does this mean for society?

Post-modern society is on the brink of some collapse.

Some years ago, when I was living in New York, International Holocaust Remembrance Day weas coming up the next day, and in a social setting someone in the group declared “OH! I’m so siiiiiiick of hearing about the Jews the Jews the Jews and the Holocaust the Holocaust the Holocaust… The Jews are successful, what more do they want?! I mean they basically own Hollywood! What about the native Americans?!”

This was an accidental admittance of the aim of choosing to live in perpetual victimhood: to be handed material and external validation as a sign of “success”, while the aim of the vocal justice-warrior is to be given a gold star for being the bestower of said material and external validation. A parasitic and concurrently symbiotic relationship of the vilest kind.

Those who have their entire self-worth based on a drivenness to progress and improve society, tend to believe that society is inherently bad to begin with. They believe that the world and its inhabitants are bad, and that people are evil, nature-destroyers. This is especially true of those who have the privilege to live good lives in the first world.

Rather than working on self-esteem, healing or growth, their method to “feel better” is to belittle themselves and destroy anything which goes against their world view. They destroy any mirrors not realizing it brings bad luck. Those who live with real esteem, success and a sense of freedom are especially rattling for the post-modern metaphorical warrior. Anyone deemed successful is branded: Jew.

Couple this with the desperation these warriors feel to pander to the threats of the ever-metastasizing fundamentalist Islamist scourge and world’s dictatorial regimes amassing dangerous power, and the stage is set for collapse.

It is inevitable. All lies must collapse. It is a law of nature.

Hence, we begin to see such twisted absurdity as the Norwegians inviting the Taliban over for tea and a chat.

What can we do about it?

January 27th 1945, was the day that Auschwitz was liberated. This day was designated by the United Nations as an International Memorial Day commemorating the victims of the Holocaust.

Some say we should ignore this day, as it is dishonest coming from the United Nations, and that we should only observe Yom HaShoah.

Do not ignore this day. Declare the truth always and visibly, and demand better from those who use this day as a substitution for doing the right thing, and as a substitution for checking in with themselves.

Symbolic social gestures do damage. Niceties and handing out roses in the face of evil does damage.

Now, we prepare ourselves, with willingness to be there fully for whatever comes. Willingness to defend ourselves physically, without fear. Willingness to see people in their despairing lack of self-worth while never indulging them for fear of dismissal. Willingness to never pander to those who would happily see our demise. Willingness to call out evil without self-gaslighting explanations.

Ask this of your local leadership. Call out antisemitism and real danger. Gather and lay charges. Be active and open. This is how we make sure that we #NeverForget, and that it happens #NeverAgain.

1st published on Sharon Salomon & Friends

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