Tiny Israel is the only country in the world that ever bombed nuclear sites belonging to hostile powers. In 1981, the Israeli Air Force bombed Saddam Hussein’s nuclear reactor after the Iraqi despot threatened to wipe out Israel. In 2007, Israel bombed the Syrian nuclear reactor, which the Syrian dictator Assad secretly built with the help of the North Koreans.

While Iran’s ayatollah regime threatens the entire Middle East and world peace, it threatens to wipe out only one country: Israel.

Given the ayatollahs’ nuclear aspirations, it is not surprising that Israel and her allies have stepped up covert operations against the Iranian nuclear threat. President-elect Joe Biden reportedly seeks to re-enter a deal with Iran. If all diplomatic and covert avenues of stopping Iran’s nuclear drive fail, the military option is the last resort.

Unfortunately, the U.S. lacks the political will to order a military strike on Iran’s nuclear sites. Military experts debate whether Israel has the capacity to strike Iran’s nuclear sites. Iran would be a far bigger challenge than Iraq or Syria. Iran is a vast country and located further away from Israel. In addition, Iran’s regime has learned from Israel’s strikes on the Iraqi and Syrian nuclear sites and has spread out its nuclear facilities. Some of them are underground and heavily protected. However, the ayatollahs would be foolish to underestimate Israel’s determination and capabilities.

The Israel Air Force has emerged as one of the most powerful and certainly the most battle experienced air power in the world. Israel has already inflicted significant damage on Iranian forces in Syria and beyond. If any force other than the US Air Force can neutralize the Iranian nuclear threat, it is the Israeli Air Force. While Israeli fighter pilots have practiced for years for such a critical mission, it is ultimately the decision of Israel’s Prime Minister.

Iran’s genocidal regime and Israel are on a clear collision course. A showdown could come far sooner than expected. While Israel does not seek war, the Jewish state is determined to live in peace, not rest in peace.

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Daniel Krygier

Daniel Krygier is a writer and a political analyst and a Fellow at the Haym Salomon Center.

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