The DA in the Tswaing Local Municipality calls on the SPCA to urgently intervene in the Henk Joubert Nature Reserve. The reserve continues to deteriorate due to a lack of infrastructure maintenance and poor general upkeep, while game management best practices are neglected.

The DA has for more than five years applied pressure on the Tswaing Local Municipality to intervene, but unfortunately, this game reserve and the massive eco-tourism potential and related job opportunities it holds for the community have not been a priority for the ANC-led local government.

The game is neglected, receives no additional feed, no veterinary attention, and lacks adequate fresh water supply. These animals are left to fend for themselves since the municipality has not appointed any game rangers, nor is there security or any other responsible personnel.

The Henk Joubert Nature Reserve is home to several species of game, including zebra, buffalo, springbok, and other antelope. The reserve and its game are registered property in the name of the Tswaing Local Municipality. Sadly, the reserve is open to poaching and vandalism because it is not fenced securely. Roaming games not only cause damage to nearby crops, negatively affecting the businesses of farmers but also pose a serious risk to motorists using the provincial roads around the reserve.

Just two days ago, a roaming gemsbok was hit by a car on the Tswaing Delareyville Road, causing serious injury to the motorist and extensive damage to the vehicle. Sadly, these accidents are frequent and can be easily avoided by securing the reserve with a proper game fence.

We caution motorists to remain alert for free roaming game while travelling on the Tswaing Delareyville Road, especially at night, to avoid serious accidents until the game reserve is securely fenced.

The DA has also written to North West Premier, Bushy Maape, requesting the provincial government to intervene in the deteriorating state of the Henk Joubert Nature Reserve.

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Cllr Soret Viljoen

Cllr Soret Viljoen is the Democratic Alliance (DA) Caucus Leader, Tswaing Local Municipality, North West Province.

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