During a meeting of the Stellenbosch Municipality council on Tuesday, 21 February, councillors from GOOD, the Patriotic Alliance (PA) and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) allegedly voted to oppose a proposal contained in the 2022/2023 adjustment budget to accept nearly R6.2 million allocated to an Emergency Municipal Load-Shedding Relief Grant.

This grant was made available by the Western Cape Government to provide additional generators in order to ensure that critical services for residents, for example – water supply, are protected amidst the escalating loadshedding crisis.

“Even though Good, the PA and the EFF clearly want the people of Stellenbosch to suffer even more due to load-shedding, the DA majority in council put the needs of residents first by voting in favour of this grant” stated Dr Leon Schreiber MP, DA Constituency Head of Stellenbosch.

He continued: “The despicable behaviour of these small parties confirms that it is critical for voters to support the DA if they want to mitigate the impact of load shedding and keep corruption out. Thanks to every person who voted DA during the 2021 elections, these generators will now be installed at various water and wastewater infrastructure plants, reservoirs and sanitation plants to better protect our community’s water supply against loadshedding.”

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