Testimony by UN Watch’s Hillel Neuer at UNHRC 30th Special Session, May 27, 2021

Madam President,

The United Nations was founded to prevent war. Yet today’s one-sided session, and the pre-determined investigation it proposes, will achieve the opposite — because they were the very purpose of this war.

The purpose of Hamas, backed by the Islamic Republic of Iran, was to attack Israeli cities from within populated areas in Gaza, to incur civilian casualties, and exploit the suffering of their own people — in order to delegitimize Israel, here at the UN, in international courts, and in the media.

A council for human rights ought to condemn what Hamas is doing.

Why, then, does today’s resolution fail to mention that Hamas started this war, firing over 4,000 rockets that deliberately targeted civilians across Israel? And that the rockets were launched from civilian areas, such that each attack constitutes a double war crime?

Why is there no mention that hundreds of millions of dollars of international aid money, donated to help Gaza’s poor population, were diverted by Hamas to build 250 miles of terror tunnels?

Why is there no mention that Hamas is recognized worldwide as a terrorist organization, and that its founding charter openly calls for the genocide of Jews?

Why is there no mention that on May 7th, at a rally in Gaza, a Hamas leader told Palestinians, quote, “We want you to cut off the heads of the Jews with knives”?

Why is there no mention that in the past two weeks, Jewish people worldwide, from London to LA, were threatened, chased and violently assaulted, by pro-Palestinian protesters?

Madam President, isn’t the UN supposed to defend victims of terrorism and racism?

1st published on UN Watch.

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