The Multi-party Coalition, formed in December of 2021 with the purpose of keeping the ANC out of power in the major metros of Johannesburg, has brought the Patriotic Alliance into the fold.

Joint Statement by Multi-party Coalition partners

‘The multi-party coalition formation in Johannesburg and Ekurhuleni today signed new
coalition agreements to bring the Patriotic Alliance into the formation. These agreements will not only pave a new path forward towards expanding the Gauteng metro coalitions but will consolidate the majority coalition in the City of Johannesburg.

It has been the express goal of the coalitions since their inception to keep the ANC out of power and bring honest, transparent, and service delivery-orientated government to the residents of the metros governed by the multi-party coalition.

The inclusion of the Patriotic Alliance will strengthen the formation and its ability to provide a stable platform to do the work needed to fix the damage done by ANC governments and to build a resident orientated government to serve the needs of the people.

The National Leadership of the DA, FF Plus, ActionSA, COPE, IFP, ACDP and PA attended the signing event and together unpacked the coalition agreements during the media briefing in Benoni.’

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